Reapplying to work for you on the Tucson City Council

My four-year term on the Council ends in November of this year. I’ve decided to reapply for the job, and to ask for your support to continue the work we’ve been doing together. This ‘campaign’ won’t be like the ones with which we’re all too familiar. No signs plastered around intersections, no ads on television, no clutter in your mailbox, and no requests for cash.

As I reapply for this job, I bring a resume of seven years’ work to the table. That includes what I’ve done to get us to a structurally balanced budget. It includes my work on the revitalization of downtown, smart regional economic development, and the protection of home rule. It includes a focus on education, gun safety, and animal welfare, as well as work on behalf of the victims of human trafficking and drug addiction. And it includes community work bridging the gaps that are caused by religious and racial bigotry.

As public officials, we’re doing a job for the community. Judge me on how well I’ve done that. Rehire me, and I’ll be all-in on continuing to defend Tucson, our values, and the progress we’re making.

During this campaign, I will not be asking for financial donations. Instead, I look forward to meeting with you on a personal level. We’ll be talking policy, and we’ll be talking Tucson. 

Somebody has to be first to set the example of changing the unhealthy trajectory of what money is doing to our political system. I’m going to give it a whirl. I ask that you consider donating any money you would have otherwise given to my reelection to a local non-profit you find worthy of support. There are plenty throughout the community.