Working Hard to Preserve Tucson Values

Ballots will arrive in your mailbox this week. I’m asking for your support to be re-hired as council member. While I serve in Ward 6, it’s my commitment to represent Tucson, our values and our right to self-determination.


Effective Constituent Services

Common Sense Fiscal Solutions

Protect Home Rule

Focus on Water Security

Looking Out for the Underserved

Animal Welfare

Gun Safety Laws

Smart Economic Development

I ask for your support so that I may continue to advocate for the values that make ours a vibrant and welcoming community. As in the past, I will put in the time it takes to study each issue, invite varied voices to the conversation and work for solutions that reflect the long-term good of our city. We’ve made great progress. Together we’ll continue to build on that.

The message is simple – please vote as soon as you receive your ballot and please make sure your friends and family do so as well. That’s what it’ll take for this campaign without funds to be successful.

Thank you for your continued support. My staff and I are grateful for your vote of confidence in our work.

- Steve K