All politics are local

When I made my formal announcement to ask for reappointment as Ward 6 Councilman, I made it clear this would be a campaign based on my full body of work. And given that record, I won't be asking for money and I won't be buying media time, but I will be meeting with you in your homes and at events, talking up Tucson, and talking about the issues that matter most to you.

In the context of the recent presidential election, my opponent visibly posted his values statement with a Trump sign in his front yard. That sign stands for building a wall separating us from our cultural and financial neighbors to the south, slamming the door on refugees fleeing persecution, bragging about sexual abuse and then calling it 'locker room banter,' and cutting funding for community development, low income health care, the arts and public education. He owns those positions.

My record can be seen in the extremely successful private sector investment in our downtown core. It can be seen every time I bring community residents to the table together to work towards mutually agreeable solutions to tough development issues. It can be seen every time I stand up in defense of Tucson's values, whether that means fighting federal, state or regional efforts that run contrary to what's best for our city. It can be seen at every forum I help to facilitate; on trafficking, on health care, on civility, on gun control, on inter-faith relations, and more. My record has been one of working through a recession, finally achieving a structurally balanced budget with the Mayor and Council.

The platitudes and sound bites you hear from politicians are easy to craft. As the saying goes, 'talk's cheap.' I am asking for your support based not on clichés, but on the work my staff and I have achieved on your behalf over the past 7 years. Public service isn't a series of one-liners. It's the willingness to dig into issues, listen to all sides and craft policy that reflects the greatest long term good for the community in general.

Thanks for your continued support. It's very much appreciated. And let me know if you'd like to host a coffee at your home. This very retail and grassroots campaign will have those meet and greet opportunities as its hallmark.

- Steve K