Your support has been incredible

I'm grateful for the broad community support that allowed me to turn in enough petition signatures this week to qualify for the ballot to continue as your Ward 6 City Council member.

The number of signatures required to be on the ballot differs for each ward and for each party. For a Ward 6 Democrat, the requirement for signatures is the highest of any party nominee in any ward. The minimum needed is 302 and the maximum I'm allowed to turn in is 602. That's a high bar to meet.

With your support, I was able to gather over 850 signatures, all collected in just about two weeks. We were done collecting signatures two months before we were even allowed to submit them.

That shows how strong your support is and I appreciate your commitment.

I remain committed to running this campaign without financial donations. When you take the money out of politics, you are left with conversations about our community. Your support tells me you want that commitment to conversation.

We're off and running - together - keeping Tucson the great community that it is and making it even better.

Simply put: THANK YOU

-Steve K