What should you expect from your city councilperson?

I am a councilperson who is honest and well informed on city issues, and who demonstrates a commitment to serve this community.

In the Thursday Star, my potential opponent was introduced to the public. His interview demonstrated a lack of understanding of local issues and the propensity to twist the truth. A few examples:

He says that the roads around the UA are all in good shape. I think the residents of West University, Rincon Heights, Feldman's, North University, Jefferson Park, Sam Hughes, Pie Allen and Blenman-Elm would beg to differ. We're asking voters for a 1/2 cent sales tax to continue the good work we've been doing on road repair. Ward 6 will benefit from this continued commitment to our roads.

He says the city delayed approval of a bulletin board in his neighborhood a couple of months ago. The fact is the neighborhood considered that project two years ago and decided to do something else with their funds. My staff and I are committed to providing outstanding constituent services.

He says we should defund the arts and use that money to fix our roads and support public safety. He speaks of his dedication to Trump principles but can’t comprehend that even If we eliminated our funding for the arts in this community, it'd pave less than one mile of road. And the statement it would send about our values would be one nobody on this city council would support.

Finally, your city councilperson should be committed to you, the voters in Tucson. My opponent instead has openly discussed “submitting his resume” to the Trump administration (CNN interview January 2017) in hopes of getting a job. I have spent seven years demonstrating my commitment to you and I am proud of all the accomplishments that Tucson has seen during my tenure.

In the end, ask yourself what do you expect from someone who represents you?

- Steve K