TUSD Resolution

The president of the TUSD School Board wants his group to pass a resolution demanding certain actions from the city and the county. Here's some of the language:

AND THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board that a demand be issued to the Tucson Mayor and Council and Pima County Board of Supervisors that they conduct a comprehensive analysis of their anti-education, anti-prosperity lawsuits, regulations, and resolutions.

"Anti-prosperity lawsuits?" I assume he means our fighting for Home Rule against the unconstitutional attempt by the state to make us their arms dealer.

"Anti-education?" The Metropolitan Education Commission is directly funded by the city and county, and is an immensely successful outreach into the education community. And every member of the City Council is supportive of the Steps to Success program initiated out of the Mayor's office.

"Resolutions?" Somehow opposing spending $15 Billion dollars on a border wall is anti-education? Even members of Trumps own party are sprinting away from that idea.

"Regulations?" Analyze this:

  • Over $500M in private sector investment in the downtown core since I took office in 2009
  • Rated #3 for job growth nationwide by Bloomberg in metropolitan areas our size
  • Raytheon expansion created 1,975 new jobs
  • Caterpillar, Vector Space Systems, Home Goods, Comcast, AC Marriott, Hexagon Mining
  • 4.4% unemployment rate as of March 2017
  • A structurally balanced city operations budget
  • $48.9M in working capital as of June 30
  • Upgraded bond outlooks by all three ratings agencies
  • Support from the public for a half cent sales tax increase to fund roads and public safety capital needs by a margin of 20 points

That record speaks of trust by the voters and sound fiscal management. That's the analysis the TUSD Board is asking for.

It's sad to see the board engaging in this behavior while trying to retain teachers and students, avoid their own lawsuit over contract issues, satisfy desegregation requirements, and attract a new superintendent.

- Steve K