The Three Rs

Since I began this work in 2009, my MO has been to follow the "Three Rs" we learn throughout our classroom experience: I've been Reading all of our material, wRiting extensively, and doing the aRithmetic in our budgeting process to help get us to a structurally balanced budget.

Reading the material - studying development agreements, contracts, and intergovernmental agreements - and doing a deep dive each week in material shared through emails and interpersonal exchanges, I make sure when I take a position on an issue, it is informed by a thorough review of all sides of the issue.

I write a weekly newsletter that's generally between 4,000 and 5,000 words. Each one examinesissues we're confronting in detail, explain my votes, and help educate the public on topics that are of importance to the region.

It has taken until our last two budget cycles to get us to a structurally balanced budget. That's through the hard work of crunching numbers and making decisions about priorities throughout the process. 

My opponent says he wants a tight budget. We've already achieved that. Not by hoping it happened, but by engaging in those "three Rs." 

My opponent says everything but roads and public safety is "non-essential" and not deserving of being funded until we've "handled" roads, police and fire. I'm proud of our work in bringing the city budget into balance without gutting our support of the arts, parks, environmental services, our water department, our planning and economic development work, neighborhood outreach, social services, transit, our city attorney's office, clerk's office, and on and on. Coming out of the recession, we have maintained service to the public, grown our economy, and achieved that "tight budget" he hopes for.

I'm running for re-election based on my demonstrated commitment to those "three Rs." In the process I have established three new Rs that I place before you in this campaign: my Reputation for hard work and integrity, my Record of defending Tucson values, and the Relationships we've developed throughout the past eight years. 

That's not vague rhetoric. That's developing a plan and carrying it out. Join me as we continue creating our wonderful community together. 

- Steve K