Rodriguez uninformed, inaccurate, and inconsistent during gun debate

One of the issues I have worked hard on is advocating for common sense gun safety laws in Tucson. At the Mom's Demand Action forum tonight, the differences between me and my opponent were on display for all to witness.

My record includes getting our background check ordinance in place, putting restrictions on the sale of weapons that can fire 10 or more rounds without reloading, giving our police the ability to require a Blood Alcohol Test if they have reason to believe a suspect in a gun incident has been drinking, and requiring people whose guns were lost or stolen to notify the police.

Each of these measures makes our community safer. Each is opposed by the Republican-led state legislature.

My opponent, Rodriguez, feels the state legislature should control our local decision-making authority in these cases. He doesn't understand and support Home Rule or our charter authority.

My opponent made the outrageous claim that "95% of all gun deaths are the result of illegally purchased weapons." Not even the NRA would assert such a foolish thing.

My opponent says our gun laws are fine just as they are, but went on to support registration of every gun sold. Aside from the inconsistency in his position, his NRA buddies are violently opposed to such a notion.

In a community that has suffered two mass fatality gun violence events, it is nothing less than offensive that a candidate for public office would come to a forum on the topic so wholly uninformed. I ask for your support and I commit to you my continued work on common sense gun legislation, including defense of our Home Rule authority in the face of challenges coming from the Republican legislature.

- Steve K