Campaign Signs Available

Many of you have asked about getting yard signs to support the campaign. The website has some do-it-yourself options, but now we've gone Bernie and have some with a Koz logo up in the corner. As you know, I'm not corporate and air-brushed. But we're having fun with the campaign, and this plays into that.

File Sep 25, 10 26 51 PM.jpeg

Get in touch either by email at or by calling 977.5161. We'll get you a supply of signs on which you can personalize a message. Your part is the Magic Marker - "I support Steve K Be Koz..." Be creative and adorn your front yard with your own message. 

We have only a few weeks to go before the ballots are sent out, so help me and my staff continue working for you by getting ahold of one of these novel signs.

Thanks for your support

- SteveK